OHAUS Balances and Scales

OHAUS has a rich history and extensive industry knowledge resulting in a comprehensive line of high-performance balances and scales that continually meet customers' weighing needs at economical and cost-effective prices. OHAUS products offer the highest level of quality and value in their class.

OHAUS has devoted 105 years of operation exclusively to the weighing industry which has been marked by advancements and achievements that have propelled OHAUS to the next level of success. From the introduction of the Harvard Trip Balance, which quickly became the standard by which other mechanical balances are judged, to the introduction of the Explorer line of analytical and precision balances, the most advanced and intuitive product to ever come from OHAUS.

The OHAUS Laboratory range includes the following:

Analytical Balances
Discovery Series: Semi-micro and analytical balances at an advanced level
Explorer® Series: The industry’s most easy to use analytical balance
Adventurer™ PRO and Pioneer™ series: High performance analytical balances at an economical price

Precision Balances
Explorer® series: The industry’s most easy to use top pan balances
Adventurer™ PRO: Top pan balances with added features for more applications
Pioneer™ series: High performance top pan balances at an economical price

Moisture Balances
Portable Balances
Compact Economical Scales
High Capacity Balances

OHAUS carefully considers the way their products are expected to perform and the value they are expected to bring to the job and each and every one of their weighing instruments meets or exceeds these expectations. OHAUS products are built to be durable, highly reliable, easy to use requiring minimal setup thus offering efficient ways to produce accurate results with each use.

User Friendly

Intuitive and practical products designed to be extremely easy-to-use. SmarText™ software guides the simple set up process and makes their products easy to operate without extensive training. OHAUS instrument applications simplify even the most complex tasks and eliminate the need for time consuming manual calculations and data logging.

Maximum Protection

Designed with durability in mind, OHAUS products features superior mechanical overload protection to protect the weighing cells while IP and NEMA ratings provide further protection from harsh environments. These protective attributes increase durability and prolong the life of our equipment.

Modern Design

OHAUS products incorporate modern technology and updated features to improve overall efficiency and quality. Touch screens enable operators to easily navigate the user-friendly menu and touchless sensors free up the user’s hands for handling of samples and also minimize wear and tear.

Product Approvals

Products approvals and certifications guarantee our weighing equipment meet or exceed quality standards and produce accurate results. NSF listed products ensure safety in environments in which sanitation is important, while NTEP certified legal for trade products can be used to weigh items that will be priced and sold based on weight. AN ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer, OHAUS maintains manufacturing facilities in six countries in order to effectively meet market demands and efficiently produce our products.

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Ohaus Balances for Industry

Ohaus Laboratory Products

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OHAUS Pioneer Precision Balance - Model PX4202/E

1,535.00 1535.0 AUD

OHAUS Pioneer Precision Balance - Model PX2202/E

1,330.00 1330.0 AUD

OHAUS Pioneer Precision Balance - Model PX523/E

1,580.00 1580.0 AUD

OHAUS Pioneer Precision Balance - Model PX223/E

1,105.00 1105.0 AUD

OHAUS Pioneer Analytical Balance - Model PX124, Internal Calibration

2,115.00 2115.0 AUD

OHAUS Pioneer Analytical Balance - Model PX124/E

1,915.00 1915.0 AUD

OHAUS Pioneer Analytical Balance - Model PX224, Internal Calibration

2,270.00 2270.0 AUD

OHAUS Scout Touch STX Balance - Model STX8200

605.00 605.0 AUD

OHAUS Moisture Analyser - Model MB23

2,400.00 2400.0 AUD

OHAUS Moisture Analyser - Model MB120

4,220.00 4220.0 AUD

OHAUS Traveler Portable Balance - 500 g, Model TA502

505.00 505.0 AUD

OHAUS Traveler Portable Balance - 150 g, Model TA152

400.00 400.0 AUD

OHAUS Scout Balance - Model SPX222

495.00 495.0 AUD

OHAUS Moisture Analyser - Model MB90

3,710.00 3710.0 AUD

OHAUS Adventurer Analytical Balance - Model AX124, Internal calibration

2,555.00 2555.0 AUD

OHAUS Adventurer Precision Balance - Model AX4201

1,660.00 1660.0 AUD

OHAUS Explorer Analytical Balance - Model EX224

4,760.00 4760.0 AUD

OHAUS Adventurer Precision Balance - Model AX4201/E

1,555.00 1555.0 AUD