Nichiryo Pipette StandsA range of quality pipette stands from Nichiryo

A full range of pipette stands is offered for the Nichiryo products. Each stand helps to organise your pipettes in the lab and reduces the risk of contamination and damage.

Click on a product below or select one of the following to narrow your pipettor selection:

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Tarsons Rotary Pipette Stand Vertical (6/case)

157.00 157.0 AUD

Nichiryo Nichipet Stand Can Store 6 Pipettes

175.00 175.0 AUD

Nichiryo Nichipet Rotary Stand Can Store 6 Pipettes

58.00 58.0 AUD

Nichiryo Nichipet Single Pipette Holder

12.00 12.0 AUD