Nichiryo Serological Pipette Aids

LabGear Australia supplies a range of Quality Pipettors and Accessories for all your research needs.

LabGear Australia offers the Nichiryo Pipette Mate Neo pipette controller. The Pipette Mate Neo is a user-friendly pipette controller weighing only 167g.

With its long-life lithium ion battery installed it has 4-hours charging for 1700 uses. Other features include

  • • Dial-typed adjustable speed controller for your choice.

  • • UV resistant for clean bench work.

  • • Self- standing type without holder.

  • • Fully autoclavable spare parts. (Nosecone, Sylicon holder and filter)

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View Brochure: Nichiryo Liquid Handling 

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Nichiryo Pipette Controller - Pipette Mate Neo

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