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Sonoco ThermoSafe is a leading global provider of temperature assurance packaging for the safe and efficient transport of pharmaceuticals, biologics, vaccines and other temperature-sensitive products. Sonoco ThermoSafe shipping solutions mitigate risk for our customers and ensure product efficacy throughout the extremes of a supply chain.

With operations in North America, Europe and Asia, Sonoco ThermoSafe has a vast product offering featuring industry-leading technology that encompasses refrigerated, frozen or controlled room temperature applications. In addition, Sonoco ThermoSafe’s ISC Labs® design and testing services deliver individualized and innovative packaging solutions along with qualification and validation services to meet all regulatory requirements.

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Ready-Engineered Insulated Shipping Systems





Benefit Summary

- Design-tested per ISCsilver™ Ambient Profile for moderate or partially temperature-controlled distribution conditions

- Simple and Economical

- Pre-Qualified: Choice of two different ambient profiles.

1. ISCgold™ Ambient Profile for most rigorous ambient conditions
2. ISCsilver™ Ambient Profile for moderate or partially temperature-controlled distribution conditions

- Pre-Qualified

- Reusable solutions with single use flexibility

- Robust thermal performance

- Phase Change Materials (PCM) are organic based and use biodegradable materials 

Transit Duration

1-2 Days

1-5 Days

1-5 Days





EPS - Expanded Polystyrene     PUR - Polyurethane     VIP - Vacuum Insulated Panels


 Sonoco ThermoSafe Temperature Assurance Packaging Products

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